Waist Toner Belt for Accelerated Weight Loss


  • Made of neoprene material, not easy to pilling, delicately touching, great stretchy, skin-friendly, fits the waist curve, lengthens and widens, soft and comfy, making the movement more comfortable
  • Powerful Velcro, with soft hook Velcro, very viscous, adhesion is not reduced even be torn thousands of times repeatedly, can be adjusted freely according to your needs, in addition to embossed non-slip lining, help effectively prevent the waist brace falling off
  • The compression waist trimmer helps support waist and abdomen, correcting your incorrect posture in fitness, improve exercise endurance, help you to do workout more efficiently at home.
  • Effectively accumulate waist heat, well breathable and shockproof. This waist toner can speed up metabolism, achieve slimming and plasticity. Effectively losing the annoying belly and building a beautiful vest line, shaping a slim waist
  • Yoga workout, running, aerobics, fitness, the waist toner only takes half an hour to exercise, it will make you sweat, burn more calories,increase the temperature of subcutaneous fat in exercise, accelerate the oxidative decomposition of fat