Dessini 36cm Non-stick Double-sided Grill Pan



  • UNIQUE DESIGN – This Dessini double-sided pan makes cooking easy and convenient. Can be fried on both sides, no need for spatulas.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Designed to fit all stoves and standard sized portable butane gas stoves.
  • NON-STICK SURFACE – With non-stick coating for easy cleaning and double layered aluminium hotplate creates heat distribution.
  • SMOKELESS COOKING – FDA approved, silicone seal locking in moisture for juicy results while preventing unwanted smoke and odor.
  • SPLATTER FREE & EFFICIENT COOKING – Flip and cook on either side, upper or lower pans. / Make flipping food easy while retaining heat and moisture for quick, juicy, and tender food.
  • INDOOR GRILL – Grill mark inside. Perfect for chicken, omelettes, baked potatoes, slow-roasted vegetables, steak, fish, fajitas, bacon, frittatas, and more.
  • MAGNETIC STRUCTURE HANDLE- Magnet structure embedded in the handle offer you more easily to hold it to flip and cook, ergonomic design relieves the tired of the wrist.