Baby Wrap Sling/ Nursing Cover


The baby sling is safe, soft, breathable and suitable for your baby’s skin.

SET YOUR HANDS FREE: With this baby sling, You hands can do many things such as washing dishes, cleaning and writing. You are more convenient to go for walks, go shopping or work while quieting a restless baby.

SAFELY HOLD YOUR BABY: The length of this baby sling is 5.3 meters , and the width is 0.58 meters, so that it can provide excellent support for your baby.

WITHOUT GETTING TIRED: The baby sling surrounds you and your baby’s back, which makes it easy to counteract the baby’s weight with your back. You will no longer feel tired.

IMPROVE YOUR INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP: With the baby sling, your baby can cuddle against your warm body all day long, which improves your intimate relationship.