Skipping Rope 2.5m Rubber without Rubber grip


  • Through Jump Rope Exercises You Can Burn up to 1000 Calories an Hour
    Utilize all the major muscle groups of your entire body, both upper and lower, and burn up to 1000 calories an hour!
  • Jump Rope Will Tone Your Entire Body
    Fantastic exercise for shaping all major muscle groups of the lower and upper body.
  • Jumping Rope is Easy to Learn
    Almost anyone can become a proficient jumper in only a few workouts.
  • Jump Ropes Will Make You a Better Athlete.
    Professional boxers, one of the most well-conditioned types of athlete in the world, are well known for their use of jump rope, and elite athletes from a wide variety of sports credit at least part of their success to jumping on a regular basis. Jumping rope can improve agility, hand/eye/foot coordination, explosiveness, vertical jumping ability, hand and foot speed, fluidity of movement and timing – the skills essential to top performance in almost any sport.
  • A Jump Rope is Extremely Portable and Inexpensive
    A jump rope has to be the most compact piece of cardio fitness equipment in existence – fantastic for travelling – and you can also do your workout in a small space  – just about anywhere!