Cozy High-Quality Quilted Comforter & Pillow Protector Set

All comforter sizes available!

Soft, Cozy & Warm

Our Plush Siliconized Fiberfill Down Comforter provides you with a heavenly sleeping experience. Cuddle with this soft, fluffy fiber-filled cloud shaped comforter to indulge in a blissful sleep. Don’t be surprised if you sleep through your alarm. Our comforter promises sweet vacation-quality slumber.

Comfy with Superior Protection

Set of 2 high-quality, comfy, quilted pillow protectors with a nylon face cover to protect your pillow from liquid spills and stains. Soft cotton stuffing enhances the fluffy feel of your pillow.

High-Quality & Durable

Ensures durability through strong stitching and is manufactured using high-quality soft siliconized fiber filling that ensures a comfy and cozy feel throughout the night

Diamond-Style Stitching

Crisp looking comforter featuring Piped Edges with an elegant Diamond-Style Stitching Pattern that not only looks beautiful, but prevents the fill from shifting during the night, ensuring a comfortable sleep

Quality Assurance

The nylon face cover is quilted to a soft layer of hypoallergenic polyester for a soft, breathable performance and luxury feel, that protects your pillow from dust, dirt and allergens, allowing you to rest easy!

Limited Time Offer on all sizes!

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