Apple Deliberately Leaks Radical iPhone Upgrade

Don’t believe the hype, Apple loves to leak its own products. And now the company has committed arguably its most blatant product leak of all time, signalling the imminent arrival of a major iPhone upgrade…

Buy Apple’s newly released AirPods 2 and you’re in for a surprise: Apple has printed images of its long-awaited AirPower iPhone fast wireless charger on the back of the box!

MIA since it was first announced alongside the iPhone X in September 2017, AirPower is Apple’s big play into high-speed wireless charging.

It will be compatible with the Apple Watch and new AirPods wireless charging case, but neither of these products supports quick charging so spicing up the iPhone is AirPower’s big play.

AirPower is expected to enable iPhones to charge at speeds of at least 15W, double the 7.5W their wireless charging operates at currently with third-party Qi chargers.

Interestingly, the Qi standard supports charging up to 15W but Apple has signaled top speeds will be reserved only for AirPower chargers. Their proprietary tech will also enable multiple devices to be charged simultaneously when positioned anywhere on an AirPower mat.

And it looks like iPhone owners won’t have to wait long.

While Apple surprisingly failed to mention AirPower at its big ‘Showtime’ event this week, the company has already been caught hiding AirPower product images on its Australian website.

As such, the launch is now an open secret and it appears Apple is happy to tease fans ahead of an official announcement.

When will that be? Apple has no more events scheduled, but slapping an AirPower mat image on a shipping product surely means the wait is nearly over.

Couple this with Apple’s crowd-pleasing iPhone 11 battery plans and 2019 looks set to be the year iPhones get the big battery boosts fans wanted…