Premium 20,000mAh Fast-Charge Powerbank

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High-Capacity Powerbank

Stay connected around the clock and never have to worry about your phone running out of charge. This sleek, executive powerbank is the perfect accessory for your devices.

Up to 3 devices simultaneously

2 USB ports and a USB-C input allow you to charge up to 3 devices at the same time! Your loved ones & friends will not have to wait in line to charge their phones.


Can even charge your Macbook or USB Type-C latop with the fast-charge 15W output

Travel Companion

Never have to worry about your phone’s charge. The powerbank can fully charge it up to 6 times ensuring you’re always connected

Charge indicator

Four indicator light design, clearly know how much power you have left in your powerbank

Compact & Portable

The powerbank is small in size with uncompromised capacity. Doesn’t take up space in your bag when you go for a trip, and can even your pocket when you’re out for a walk.

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